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Real Estate On The Island - What You Should Know:

Selecting the right real estate agent:

  • These are the essential things you should expect from an agent:

  • (Agents working in other areas do not necessarily understand the complexities of real estate on the Island)

  • Understanding Island Real Estate 

  • Compatibility  

  • Good Listener

  • Availability 

  • Good Communication 

  • Provides you with Guides (Buyers) and (Sellers)

  • Technology Friendly 

  • Good Negotiator  

  • Good References (that you can check)

  • part of buying and selling property anywhere but even more important on the Island!!

  • Find more information by clicking on Agents for Sellersand Agents for Buyers.

There are various communities on the Island:

  • ​West End -- mainly beach houses on pilings

    • Beach Side or Bay Side​

  • Mid-Town -- A mix of architectural design (mostly craftsman)

  • Historical District -- A mix of architectural design (mostly Victorian)

Insurance is very different on the Island:

  • There are 3 main insurance policies that people should be aware of:

    • Homeowner’s/Hazard

    • Flood  (You can click on Fema Risk Map to determine flood zone)

    • Wind and Hail

Fees that may pertain to the sale or purchase of your island property:

Sellers normal fees include but are not limited to:

  • Commissions are ​generally 6% of the selling price of your property. Click to Link how commissions are split between the agents and the brokers. 

  • Generally, 3% goes to your agent and 3% goes to the buyer's agent.

    • Yes, you are in most cases paying the agent that represents the buyers of your house. (This is common practice)

  • Staging costs (if applicable)

  • Homeowner's Warranty - 1st year often paid by the seller ($350 - $500)

  • Repairs that result from an inspection

Buyers normal transaction or post-closing fees include but are not limited to:

  • HOA/POA Dues - Be sure to calculate into your monthly expenses if the property is in an HOA or POA

  • Homeowner's Warranty - If seller will not buy ($350n - $500)

  • Survey - If a new survey is needed

What sets us apart from the others:

You Only Live Once...Buy A Beach House!

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