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List Your Home With Us

Take a look at the quality of service we provide!

Quality Service

 We are different from other agents in many ways!
  • We Believe in Client Satisfaction. Our Clients come first.
  • We work hand in hand with you.

  • Our marketing is unsurpassed.

  • We specialize in "Open House Events".

  • Our Closing Rate is Great. 

  • You get the attention you deserve.

  • We are a team so you get two agents for the price of one.

  • Remember we work for you.
  • Part of our job is to counsel you but you always make the decisions. 
Two For The Price of One!
 We Save You Money Across The Board!
  • Every situation is different and will require different things from us.

  • We strive to take as much of the burden off your hands.

  • We Stage/Dress each home we list...from $0 and up depending on the situation.

  • We own a Staging Business…. which means our clients get a $300 package for free. 

  • (See Staging) (See Staging Portfolio)

We Work For You! Quality Service!
We can't guaranty what the market will do, no one can give you that guarantee.
We will work with you to get the most for your investment.
We want all our clients to have a positive experience.

You Only Live Once...Buy A Beach House!

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