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What sets us apart from the others:

 We are different from other agents in many ways!

Quality Service

Our Family Has Been On This Island For Generations!

After Over 27 Years We Returned Home!

Real Estate is different here from Fort Worth (where we lived for many years) and truly calls for a personable and available agent.


Generations of family and friends have remained on the island so we know the Island well. 

When it comes to Listing Your Home:

  • We Believe in Client Satisfaction. Our Clients come first. 
  • We work hand in hand with you.

  • Our marketing is unsurpassed.

  • We specialize in "Open House Events".

  • Our Closing Rate is Great. 

  • You get the attention you deserve.

  • We are a team so you get two agents for the price of one.

  • Remember we work for you.
  • Part of our job is to counsel you but you always make the decisions.  
  • We are a husband and wife team therefore you have two agents working for you at just the 3% no additional charge. (Link to commissions)

  • Generally, 3% goes to the seller's agent and 3% goes to the buyer's agent.

  • Yes, you are in most cases paying the agent that represents the buyers of your house. (This is common practice) (Link to commissions)

  • When you list your property with us you get two agents working solely on your behalf for the same 3%. 

  • You get more for your money right at the start.

  • We live in the Pirates Beach community on the west end of the Island.

  • We own a staging business and we offer a $300 package to our Sellers at no cost and we can help any of our buyers with furnishing needs.

You Only Live Once...Buy A Beach House!

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