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Questions You Should Ask

When Selecting A Real Estate Agent

  • Do they live on the Island or are they very familiar with the Island?

Yes, we live on Pirates Beach and our family has been on the Island for generations. Island Real Estate requires certain knowledge that mainland agents may not be aware of. It is important that you have an agent that is an expert in the particular market you are buying in. Island Realtors have knowledge particular to coastal living that could save you from making decisions that might impact your potential investment.

  • How responsive are they when you need to communicate with them?

We respond quickly at any time day or night. Real Estate is NOT a 9 to 5 job. WE ARE ON CALL 24/7

  • What is their availability?

Real Estate is our full-time job and we work as a team so you get two people available to you full-time for the price of one.

  • Do they have references handy from recent clients?

Yes, in fact we have references listed on this website.  

You Only Live Once...Buy A Beach House!

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